A b o u t   G C R   C o m p a n y 


GCR Company was established in 1992 by Glenn C. Ratliff, Jr. to accommodate the growing computer needs of Southside Virginia.  GCR Company provides a variety of services including Internet access, networking solutions, and website development just to name a few.  

GCR also maintains the computers for the local 911 systems, both for Halifax County and the Town of South Boston.  One of our largest projects thus far resides at Halifax Regional Hospital, where we support and maintain all networking and computer operations.

Our diverse team provides a combination of computer proficiency including, network engineering, technical support, Internet services, web page design, and customer relations.  

GCR Company is committed to providing a variety of premier services to our customers.  You can rely on GCR for all your computing, network, and internet needs.